Agitha Demark Project
Dawn Reed
Carl Warnick
10/21/2000 Deluxe Projects Chicago
08/11/2002 PS1 New York

Agitha Demark 2 Polly Ullrich Review
New Art Examiner
March 2001 P. 50-51
500 W. Cermak, 60616

Under the pseudonym Agitha Demark, Carl Warnick copied thousands of compact discs from the Internet for the first phase of a sound and fashion installation called Agitha Demark Project. At a recent opening in Chicago of the work, Warnick completed it by offering to "burn" or copy any of the compact discs for the 200 people who showed up. While at the most obvious level Warnick's object was political-he aimed to strike a blow for the free and uncommercial flow of cultural information in cyberspace-his primary intent seems to have been social, that is, to create an art event that emphasizes the fluid qualities of social situations.