Agitha Demark Project
Dawn Reed
Carl Warnick
10/21/2000 Deluxe Projects Chicago
08/11/2002 PS1 New York

Agitha Demark 4 Polly Ullrich Review Continued

To experience Agitha Demark Project, the viewer entered a starkly white gallery which reverberated with music. Clad in a uniform designed by his collaborator Dawn Reed, Warnick stood like a clerk behind a console and handed out sewn cloth "wrist accessories" adorned with an Agitha Demark computer logo, also made by Reed. After strapping on the bracelet, the viewer could approach the console, peruse four leather-bound books made by Warnick, and pick out one of the 1,000 crisply described compact discs for Warnick to copy. About 2,000 more titles were available for the asking.