Tan Shirt and other Projects
Carl Warnick


Close 1 "Close"
62" x 68"x 24",
Objects From A Four Month Performance Completed December 14, 1995
Steel Rack, Suits

In "Close" Carl and Dawn would stay within close proximity of each other at all times for a four month period, not necessarily the same room but definitely the same building. Dawn would dress each morning and Carl would pick one of these suits to match her outfit, as if composing a color scheme for a painting. Think of early Gilbert & George pieces. We were attempting to unify subject and object, artist and artwork. Our interests were in combining structures of life, art, and the object; the stacking of functions, if you will. These conceptual structures were composed of non-hierarchical linkages between the elements; links between Carl's suits and Dawn's clothing, between the clothing and time, links between strategies of staying together and a painting like interplay of color.