carl warnick:
What can be done to work against the socially conservative bias in art in chicago?

It is shocking to me that at this point in history we are still having to work against peoples's fear of the body. People's fear of sex. People's fear of anything wet and sticky.

The City night club in Portland Oregon was a startlingly interesting place to me during the time I was going there 88 - 93, and has become even more so in the time since. Underage queer clubs were rare then and are even rarer now.  
Huong Ngo and Matthew Steinke's show at Polvo Art Studio


Demolition of a Gas Power Plant in Oak Park taken at night.

Jul 24 04:42 2003


The MCA and PS1 shows both went well. I have a cd of the MCA set, send me an email if you want one. I will put up the photos from PS1 soon.

Sep 19 02:00 2002


We are back from Oregon, I will add some photos from the trip to the stack. It was exhausting and amazing. Contact with downtown Portland's homeless punks caused some sort of shift in me which I have yet to fully assimilate, at points in my life they defined cool. It will be interesting to figure out what has shifted, or to not figure out what has shifted.

Jul 25 23:18 2002


"The author as we've known him for the last several centuries dies his final death, reborn as a perpetual collaborator. And while this may not satisfy the average freedom fighter's idea of utopia, to this reviewer it feels like the next best thing to heaven: a world in which there are no bad books, only rough drafts." Happy Hacking by Julian Dibbell

Jun 30 15:45 2002


Sometimes the best solution to an overload of "things to do" is to just avoid everything for a day and have lots and lots of sex instead.

Jun 30 3:45 2002


On Aug 11 it looks like we will be doing a version of The Agitha Demark Project at PS1.

Jun 23 18:11 2002


Someone just stole the faceplate off my car radio!

Jun 22 10:31 2002


hello world

Jun 17 23:27 2002