deluxe projects

deluxe projects is a project space dedicated to hosting solo and collaborative projects. Opened in 2000, it is run by four artists: Carrie Gundersdorf, Danielle Gustafson-Sundell, Andrew Moore and Adam Scott. The project space extends our practice and conversation as contemporary artists into the world. The projects are ever-changing from one to the next, but held together by a dedication to art that is rigorous and challenging. deluxe is a site for things to happen. Please watch for new shows in 2003.

Past projects include:

Video Group Show, curated by k-d-p productions. Fall 2002

Milhaus, the Milwaukee art/design collective. May 2002

Reviewed by Walter Robinson, Chicago Diary,, May 2002

Waiting Room/Session Room, project by Cindy Loehr in collaboration with Annabelle Clarke, Jeremy Boyle, Joe Baldwin and Nicola Axford, March 2002

Reviewed by Damien Noll, The Sublimity of Concentration, Chicago Journal, March 2002

When will I see you again, project by Riad Miah, Dec. 2001

The Stray Show, Dec. 7-9th 2001 with Michelle Grabner, Nancy Ford and Susy Giles

A Little Less of Me, project by Michelle Grabner, Oct. 2001

Danielle, Andy, Adam, and Carrie, A site- specific video installation by Susan Giles, May Reviewed by Julia Marsh, Dialogue Magazine, Fall 2001

Part Company, Nancy Ford, Feb-Mar 2001

Sequel, a video installation by Curtis Stage, Jan-Feb 2001

Reviewed by Pedro Velez, FGA #6

The Agitha Demark Project, Carl Warnick and Dawn Reed, Oct-Nov 2000 Reviewed by Polly Ullrich, New Art Examiner, Mar 2001

deluxe projects
Carrie Gundersdorf
Danielle Gustafson-Sundell
Andrew Moore
Adam Scott