carl warnick:

Dawn Reed and I make work together. We've shown at Deluxe Projects, Gallery 400, and Dogmatic recently. Jack Sloss's last piece at Dogmatic was very nice. Adam Scott has shown there and now shows with Vedanta, along with Danielle Gustafson-Sundell. Julie Whaley, Adam's partner, makes very interesting clothing and accessories. Adam and Danielle together with Andy Moore and Carrie Gundersdorf run Deluxe Projects, which is where The Agitha Demark Project was first shown. In fact it was Deluxe's first show. Melanie Schiff did a very nice poster for Deluxe Projects. Melanie and Kristen VanDeventer curated a cool show at Gallery 400, When Darkness Falls which included our piece Amour Et Mort.

I DJ'd at the first Stray, which was quite fun.

Cherish and her clown Ken do interesting work here in Chicago. Paco went to school with me in LA. So did Mason Cooley, who shows at China Art Objects, which is run by Steve Hanson. I met Michael Medaglia at Caltech right before he switched to the Art Center. He makes films. Edgar Arceneaux has a nice review in Frieze this month

I am quite fond of this photograph by Joyce Lopez, and this one by Donna Meyers.

Changed May 31st, 2004
Chicago IL, US