Becoming other is a continuous rupture of the self. Each act of longing, conversation, or gaze opens one up to another.

Collaboration itself is an act of persuasion and influence, of bursts and breaches. It is a continuous critical analysis by someone you trust. A struggle of ideas that breaks you open enters you and alters what you think, do, and make. The shifts or sparks are what is interesting, the unseen stir or ruptures aroused, the infection of the other.

The first Midnight video produced an idea, a set of colors, a structural system for a set of videos. These videos became a substratum for other works. Some of these pieces are interactive asking the viewer to surrender, to become vulnerable by laying down to view a video, or to participate in a more subtle way, like carrying colored blocks around the gallery.

Rupture; a cut finger fills a latex thumb with blood. A rumination on love, fear of loss, work, fluids, warm colors, and sex.